How do your child’s teeth develop?

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From the moment your child becomes pregnant, their teeth are developing in their mouth. Doctor according to a certified pediatric dentist. Yury Slepak in Brooklyn Pediatric Dentistry can help teach proper oral care if you know how your child’s teeth develop throughout life.
Before your child was born, tooth buds for deciduous and permanent teeth developed on his jaw. However, your child’s teeth will continue to develop after childbirth. Your child’s first milk or baby’s teeth should appear around 6 months of age. The lower teeth usually appear about 2 months before the upper teeth. By the time your child is two and a half years old, they should have all the baby’s teeth, a total of 20-10 up and 10 down. You will notice the gaps that appear between your child’s teeth. This happens because his jaw is growing and making space for permanent teeth.
Around the age of 5, the first permanent molars appear behind the deciduous teeth. Parents often do not know that their teeth have passed through, as the teeth do not fall out to make room for the first molars. In the next few years, milk teeth will begin to fall out and replace them with permanent teeth. The second permanent molar breaks through around the age of 11.
The last tooth to appear is the third molar or wisdom tooth. Some children do not form wisdom teeth, while others need to get rid of wisdom teeth by the time they reach their teens.
It is important to teach your child how to properly brush their teeth from the first tooth. Oral care is essential for health and oral hygiene.

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