Prof. Waleed Al Saadi

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Prof. Waleed Al Saadi

Consultant Pediatric Dentist American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, USA

Dr. Waleed had a long history in pediatric dentistry. He graduated from Damascus University in 1979 as one of the ten top students ranking 7th over 150. He enrolled in the pediatric dentistry program at Damascus University for two years, til 1981. He finished His military service from 1981 to 1983, also as a pediatric dentist. There, he worked as a pediatric dentist at school health centers til 1985 and went to the USA, where he had his degree in the same field of pediatric dentistry in 1987. In 1996 he was certified by the American Board of pediatric dentistry.

He was a teacher at Damascus University til 2006, then at Kalamoon University til 2011. He returned to his home country, Syria, and was the first board-certified pediatric dentist in Syria, even til now. In 2013, he was enrolled at Taibah University as an assistant professor in pediatric dentistry and consultant pediatric dentist until 2016. In 2017, he along with his friends, established Appolonia Children Dental Center in Abu Dhabi to work as a partner and consultant pediatric dentist.

Prof. Waleed's Biography

Dr. Waleed had a long history in pediatric dentistry; he was certified by the American Board of pediatric dentistry in 1996.

  • Medical Director at Appolonia Dentistry for Children in Abu Dhabi 2017 till now.
  • Member American Board of Pediatric Dentistry 1996 till now.
  • Member American Society of Pediatric Dentistry.
  • President Syrian Society of Dediatric Dentistry 2009-2020.
  • Co-founder and secretary General Syrian Society of Pediatric Dentistry 1997-2009.
  • Member Pediatric Dentistry Club UAE.
  • Member Syrian Dental Association.
  • Diplomat American Board of Pediatric Dentistry 1996
  • Diplomat the National American Board of Dentistry 1993
  • Certificate of Pediatric Dentistry, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America 1987
  • Diploma in Pediatric Dentistry – Damascus University – Dental Faculty 1981
  • License in Dental Surgery and Dentistry (DDS) – Damascus University– Dental faculty 1979
  • Challenges in dental implantology 2015
  • Workshop: Setting Scores on Exams of educational Achievement, The Angoff, Ebel & Nedelsky method 2014
  • Course in composite application Hammammat, Tunisia 2012
  • Course in dental trauma by Dr. Lars Anderson, Damascus, Syria 2008
  • Training course in dental material usage- Liechtenstein 2007
  • Training course in the rotating instruments in pulpal Treatment, Switzerland 2000
  • Training course in dental material. Salt Lake Utah – USA 1999
  • Training course straight wire technique, Germany 1999
  • Causes and development of the oral habits, Amman – Jordan 1988
  • Medical risks management in clinics for pediatric Conscious Sedation. Children’s hospital, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 1987
  • Hypnosis .Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA 1987
  • Medical emergencies treatment. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 1986
  • Early orthodontic treatment, university of Pittsburgh Pgh, Pa. USA 1986
  • Workshop about pediatric oral disease treatment .univ.of, Pgh PA. USA 1986

Prof. Waleed's leading work in the field of pediatric dentistry includes:

  • Treatment of children under general anesthesia.
  • Treatment of children with special health care needs.
  • Diagnosis of dental caries with the help of most sophisticated technology (diagnodent and diagnocam)
  • Cosmetic fillings and crowns.
  • All other dental treatments for kids including trauma management and treatment of children with the help of nitrous oxide.