White Fillings

What are tooth fillings?

Fillings are the method that dentists and pediatric dentists use to combat tooth decay and cavities. By removing a diseased portion of a tooth, a pediatric dentist is then able to restore the tooth to its original shape and function by “filling” the tooth.

A tooth filling also helps a tooth combat future attempts at bacteria to create cavities. By filling in the gaps, bacteria will be unable to return back to the recently decayed areas and won’t be susceptible to further exposure to cavities.

Composite and glass ionomer cement Fillings

White fillings that are used in Appolonia by our dentists mainly consist of two materials these are composite and glass ionomer material. These are esthetic restorative materials that can substitute the use of silver amalgam restoration.

Regarding composite fillings, strong evidence showed that their use is successful in primary and permanent teeth.

Glass ionomer :

Glass ionomer material has a great advantage of releasing and up taking of fluoride which makes teeth more resistant to acid that cause it to break off and cause cavities.

Unlike amalgam or silver fillings, white fillings are minimally invasive and do not require the removal of healthy tooth tissue, which also means less drilling. Composite material hardens in seconds, making the procedure super-convenient with minimal time.

Using composite material, we are able to restore the strength of teeth in an efficient and effective manner while maintaining great natural aesthetics.

Rather than gold or silver fillings, white fillings are exactly what they sound like, they match the color of your tooth. This makes the filling not noticeable and provides a cleaner look for teeth.

GIC fillings have been designed specifically for children’s baby teeth. GIC fillings are toxicologically safe, easy to use and release fluoride, which strengthens and protects a filled tooth. And for children who wants to have fun we have colorful fillings blue, pink, green and yellow.

Types of Dental Trauma

  • Local Anesthesia
  • Removal of Tooth Decay
  • Etching
  • Applying the Filling
  • Polishing

Gentle & Fast Filling Procedures

There is no need to fear. fillings at Appolonia Dentistry for Children, as well as using materials that require the least possible drilling, we employed The STA (single tooth anesthesia) to deliver targeted and precise anesthetic just to the tooth we intend to work at., without the need for a large dental needle.