Dr. Walid Meslmani

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  • Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM
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Dr. Walid Meslmani

Specialist Pediatric Dentist PhD in Pediatric Dentistry,Syria

He has excellent experience in pedodontics: (provided dental care for infants, children and adolescents, preventive orthodontics designed for patients, managed patients with behavioral problems or handicapping conditions, counseled and advised patients and family on growth and development dental problems of patient, provided preventives services through use of fluorides and sealants and instructed patient and family members on dental care, treatment using oral and inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide), and treatment under general anesthesia).

Dr. Walid speaks Arabic and English fluently.

Dr. Walid Meslmani was brought up in Damascus, Syria. He graduated from Damascus University as a general practitioner dentist in 2009. After that, he had his master’s degree in pediatric dentistry at Damascus University in 2015 and attained his Ph.D. in pediatric dentistry at the same university.

He worked for eight years as a pediatric dentist in Damascus

He performs all regular dental treatments (scaling and periodontal therapy, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges, preventive treatments, and Pediatric treatments).

Dr. Walid's Biography

Dr. Walid has excellent experience in pediatric dentistry, providing professional dental care for infants, toddlers, children, and teens.

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  • Paediatric progressive aesthetics- treatment planning & zirconia crowns.

Dr. Walid Meslmani's leading work in the field of pediatric dentistry includes:

  • Treatment of children under General Anesthesia
  • Treatment of children with special care needs.
  • Dental caries diagnosis prevention and dental trauma.
  • All other dental treatment for kids with the help of nitrous oxide.